Lucille Crow

Lucille Crow founded MetAlign in 2001. Lucille is an experienced healer, Reiki Teaching Master, educator, trainer and Certified Hypno-Therapist. Lucille is known for her gifts of intution, compassion, on-the-spot problem solving and is visionary and highly perceptive.  She brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom to provide a powerful perspective to her work.

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Dawn Marian

Dawn Marian is an empowerment catalyst located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A prolific healer and teacher, she leads her students and clients into the Akashic Records to reveal their deepest truths, break through unsupportive beliefs and limiting patterns, and live life feeling connected to Source, abundance, and unconditional love. She specializes in healing past life and childhood traumas that prevent the Soul from moving forward on its path.

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