Lucille Crow

Sperciality Powerful Healing Energy Techniques
Qualifications Healer, Reiki Teaching Master, Educator, Trainer & Certified Hypno-Therapist
Associations MetAlign Institute

Lucille Crow founded MetAlign in 2001. Lucille is an experienced healer, Reiki Teaching Master, educator, trainer and Certified Hypno-Therapist. Lucille is known for her gifts of intution, compassion, on-the-spot problem solving and is visionary and highly perceptive.  She brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom to provide a powerful perspective to her work.

Years of Experience

Lucille started her healing career as an R.N., working at such prestigious institutions as Stanford University School of Medicine and the University of Minnesota with a focus on medical cardiovascular research.

In 1976, Lucille pursued her parallel passion for contributing to the lives of people in community service and politics for many years. She was elected the first woman Mayor of Excelsior, MN, and later served as an organizational development consultant to governmental agencies, cities and counties.

In the 1990’s, Lucille returned to her healing roots and became fascinated with the the science based concepts of the mind-body links and the healing of the physical body in ways unavailable in Western traditional medicine. She researched and explored how our life experiences and challenges profoundly impact our physical body and health. She selected Reiki Energy Therapy, a Japanese healing modality as it provides profound relaxation and comfort, pain relief and often results in healing of physical disorders. Further, it is learned quickly and easily. Lucille trained to become a Reiki Teaching Master in an 18 month Master Apprenticeship.

Lucille Crow founded MetAlign in 2001

MetAlign is a proven method of transformative healing using integrated energy therapy techniques of Reiki Energy Therapy, the human body’s Chakra System and the measuring and assessment technique, Applied Kinesiology. In a MetAlign Therapy session, a Licensed MetAlign Therapy Practitioner identifies and permanently heals the core, root causes and origins of depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), dysfunction, trauma, chronic anxiety, anger, fears and more.  As a result, the symptoms of disorders no longer exist.

The MetAlign Institute was launched in 2012 to educate individuals who wish to learn this powerful energy therapy and learn the step-by-step methodology to precisely treat themselves in profound and transformative ways.  The individual who is interested in adding MetAlign Therapy to their existing professional practices completes the comprehensive personal healing program prior to initiating the MetAlign Practitioner Program.