It is my hope to create a virtual center that can help people to improve their lives.  Many people live in despair. Hope that the Awakeningz Center can offer a path of hope and realistic process to improve people’s lives.  The process is based on spiritual principles, yet Awakeningz is not a religion nor affiliated with any religion.

Many people have been helped by Awakeningz, it is my hope that we reach a much larger number of people and make a positive difference in their lives.

The virtual center will have resources available to anyone and will provide a higher level of support for a fee to maintain the staff and its growth.

Success Factors

For Awakeningz to be successful I believe it must be easy to understand and affordable.  It should also have a way to be easy to have people refer the process or center. So once a person has been helped we hope that same person refers to others.  

Also making it useful by making it a center where the lessons can be followed. Easy to return and find out where the person left its path/lessons.  So if a person starts to create a plan and follows it. There should be a way to follow the path or lesson inside of “Awakeningz Center”.

The center will have CORE lessons that would make a difference to anyone if followed appropriately.  However there will be a directory of spiritual practitioners who have been vetted. Practitioners who can help a person to find more about themselves.


Learn to Communicate effectively with God/Universe/Divine

Learn to Communicate effectively with God/Universe/Divine

Find the right Life path for you – Fulfill your Live Mission

Nurture your Spiritual Knowledge

Want to Awake yourself ?